06/30/2016 5:12am

This is very interesting information that you provide for us with the help of this article. Well I was confused about these concepts that you write in this article about the galaxy and nebula. Those are sounding very interesting.


I've been really fascinated with what actually lies beyond space. I admire the concept of stars and galaxies and I believe that somewhere out there, there's probably a planet that holds another form of living thing. I strongly believe in extraterrestrial life. There might be no strong evidence that can prove that they're actually real, but the fact that there's another type of living thing from different planet really interests me the most. I'm really hoping that someday, someone could discover the existence of aliens and then what's next for us? Are they a friend or a foe? Nobody will ever know.

10/15/2016 4:19am

Galaxy is something unreal for us. Unreal beauty! One day we will discover much more planets to live on!


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