This beauty landed in the backyard and hung out for a while, watching the smaller birds at the feeder.


08/27/2016 4:50am

Wow what a beautiful bird i not explain the beauty of this bird his eyes is very nice. Whenever i visit your page always i see a new bird and get information about this bird. I thankful to you for this and i hope you share fast new picture and information of birds.

03/01/2017 4:52am

I am not really an outside goer that's why I only have seen common birds. I've only seen eagles and other kinds of birds in zoos during our class field trips. Well, I have seen pictures as well. Anyway, I must say that I would really love to see these kinds of birds live. I consider these creatures as a beauty and I would really do anything just to see and know things about them.

01/03/2017 2:40am

Beautiful one! I like birds so much! They are all so interesting to discover!

01/04/2017 6:31am

I know what would be my next Halloween costume. Thanks for idea)

01/26/2017 4:41am

This Halloween Hawk is an animal which I haven't seen earlier and I'm a wildlife photographer. The way he sees is just amazing and I'd like snapping a picture myself too.


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