These are just some of the meteors I captured this weekend. The middle 3 images show a meteor and then the resulting "smoke" created from its travel into our atmosphere. 


01/19/2016 6:28am

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04/18/2017 12:29am

I've never experience to watch a meteor shower before. I know that many times there was a meteor shower, but I don't know why I don't experience it. I think that this is the best experience that you ever have. Thank you very much for sharing this topic with us. I hope that you can capture many interesting things in this world. I really love your blog so much.

03/22/2016 10:20am

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04/22/2016 1:46am

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10/02/2016 6:25am

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10/09/2016 7:55am

Thank you dear for sharing the Geminid Meteor Shower 2015. I hope it can help me with my assignments regarding the meteor. The picture is not very clear, but I guess this is the best any one can capture.

12/23/2016 9:19am

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01/04/2017 6:27am

Astronomy is a good hobby. Calm and cold space is just huge and powerful

04/10/2017 2:45am

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