Lots of cloud cover, but I wanted to try to get the comet before it really gets cloudy this week. 11mm lens, 30 sec exposure, cropped to show the Big Dipper and Comet Catalina:
At 11pm, I took my 300mm lens outside and pushed the ISO to the max. This is a non-cropped image, stacked from 17 five-second photos:


06/21/2016 1:29am

A lot of people love to experience these type of things and the way you are enjoying your life is really impressive. I hope that the people will get those things which is new for them. Sharing such new and amazing things with us is a nice thing.

01/09/2017 3:35am

Wow! You have a wonderful experience. You are lucky to have a chance to see and take a picture of a comet. You know what, that is also my dream since I was in the middle grade. But it seems that destiny doesn't like me to see it. I believe someday, I will experience what you have experienced.

01/02/2017 12:27pm

So, you like astronomy? It was pretty interesting to look at these photos.


I think somewhere exist another mind and we would meet somehow but not now. We need to make all the things good here on Earth.


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