Inktober is an annual creativity challenge, created by Jake Parker. During the month of October, artists are challenged to create an ink drawing every day. For more information about Inktober, visit Jake's page: Below are my attempts, all of which were done using my brand new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil in a sketch program. Some of them are really rough, the result of the learning curve with the new equipment. They are organized from day one, the girl with the doll, to day 25, the raven, so you can see my progression as the days went by. I did not complete the full 31 days, but I'm proud that I was able to create 25 pieces for the challenge. :)




Please welcome our new foster dog, Dora! Dora was about to be euthanized on Christmas Eve when Dawn Smith and her team at Daphneyland Basset Rescue (Acton, California) pulled her into their fold, saving her life. Dora had a grapefruit sized mass on her side, which Jim and I partially paid to have removed recently (another donor picked up the rest of the cost). Dora wormed her way into my heart and we picked her up today to begin a one month fostering, after which the adoption process will continue if everything works out. :) Dora is most likely a corgi/basset mix (a corset, if you will, LOL) and is almost healed from her surgery. She still has a bad eye and a tail that won't work, but we all have flaws. :) Enjoy her journey to our home!
This is an annual event at the basset rescue in Acton, CA. It includes a costume contest, music, food, and  a balloon release in honor of hounds that have been lost.
With the temperatures in the mid-70's, our backyard is seeing more and more birds at the feeders. I'm going to be sad when the nuthatches move on, though. 
A good example of nature's camouflage: 
This one's not blending as well:
Orion nebula, stacked from 61 raw files, taken with my 70-300mm lens. Lots of coma aberration, not too sharp, but still a learning experience.
Lots of cloud cover, but I wanted to try to get the comet before it really gets cloudy this week. 11mm lens, 30 sec exposure, cropped to show the Big Dipper and Comet Catalina:
At 11pm, I took my 300mm lens outside and pushed the ISO to the max. This is a non-cropped image, stacked from 17 five-second photos:
These are just some of the meteors I captured this weekend. The middle 3 images show a meteor and then the resulting "smoke" created from its travel into our atmosphere.